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A cookie is a little piece of text that websites that you visit send to the navigator allowing the website to remember information about your visit, like keeping the purchases inside the "shopping cart", your favourite language and other options, facilitating your next visit and making the website more useful for you. Cookies perform an important role, since without them, the use of the website would not be so satisfactory. uses cookies with various purposes, among which are included your preferences, keeping the products into the shopping cart, count the number of visits that we receive, help you to register on our services and to protect your data.

The information that we following provide will help you to comprehend the different kinds of cookies:

Technical and functional

We use some essential cookies for the website operation. For example, cookies allow us to remember the information provided by the user in passage from one page to another. Without them, the user would not be allowed to navigate on the website or to use some functionalities.


We use analytic cookies (Google Analytics) to dispose of information about the users visits or the more seen contents, among others. This alows us to improve the users navigation experience.


We have integrated buttons on the website allowing users to share contents on social media. These buttons often use cookies owned by each social media.

Now we offer you some links where you can consult/set-up the different privacy options of some of the main navigators:

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