VI ALE Cycling Gandia By SLT

The ALE CYCLING GANDIA BY SLT is an international race included in the UCI calendar that will be held on Sunday, April 3, 2022 between the counties of La Safor, La Marina Alta, El Comtat, La Vall d'Albaida and La Costera (provinces of Valencia and Alicante), with start and finish in Gandia.

Participants will start at 8:00 a.m. on 04/03/2022.

The test runs through beautiful places, such as the port of la llacuna that offers impressive views that will make us forget the hard ramps of this port that we had to do to reach this first level. The second elevation of the day will be found in Beniarrés, a port where the participants will be able to beat each other in time since it is timed as in previous editions. Third level and the most bearable, the port of Benigànim. The fourth and last port is Pla de Corrals, which we find before reaching Barx, passing through a pine forest that will absorb us, highlighting a first ramp of 17%. All this on little traveled roads.


Modalities and schedules:

The ALE Cycling Gandia by SLT Marcha Internacional is a cycling event for cycling fans starting and finishing in Gandia (Valencia, Spain).

The International March "ALE Cycling Gandia by SLT" is a test included in the UCI calendar

Two departures same route.

This year as a novelty we are going to make two departures, the first will be at 8:00 and the second at 8:30. At the time of registration, a schedule will be chosen but this is not mandatory since the control will be carried out by xip on the day of the test.

Featured Services

4 Points for time control, 1st Start, 2nd Start Beniarrés port, 3rd High Puerto Beniarrés, 4th Finish.
2 Refreshments, ***** (liquid/solid), Ráfol de Salem (liquid and solid) and Barxeta with Pla de Corrals port crossing (liquid and solid)
Great food for all participants with the companions who request it.
Mechanical assistance service.
Photography and Video Service.
Draw of Hams and gifts, draw in positions of the time trial and also at the finish line.
Finisher detail.
Trial limited to 1,000 participants

Scoring for the Valencian Community Road Cycle Tourism Ranking 2022


Note: With a Time Trial / Triathlon bike it is not allowed to participate. Triathlon license insurance is not valid for this event. Only licenses within the scope of the R.F.E.C.


The march runs through beautiful places such as the La LLacuna top, Beniarrés top or Pla de Corrals, which offer stunning views that will make us forget the effort made before. Another example is found before the arrival to Barx, passing through a forest of pine trees that will absorb us.

All this with little-traveled roads in the regions of La Safor, La Marina Alta, El Comtat, La Vall d'Albaida and La Costera, belonging to the provinces of València and Alicante.

VI ALÉ Cycling Gandia By SLT 2022

DATE: 03/04/2022 | DISTANCE: 112

The participants will take the start at 8:00h, on C7 LEGIONARI BERNABEU in Gandia.



Images of the march of 2022


REGISTER FOR THE "ALE Cycling Gandia By SLT 2022"

Both the inscriptions and the technical part are managed by the company SLT SPORT and through its online platform the inscriptions are made.


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